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Usurance was created by industry veterans to eliminate all controllable risk associated with online trading while providing investors with the top of the line financial advisory.What does eliminate controllable risk mean? It means that there are literally thousands of online trading websites to choose from and a large number of them take advantage of traders on a daily basis. Whether it’s not paying out due dividends on time or even disappearing with your deposit. Once you invest with any of these sites you are at their mercy and can only hope that you landed on an honest broker.

We’ve done two things to completely remove this problem. Most importantly, we’ve implemented the first of its kind Deposit Insurance. What that means is that whenever you deposit through us, all that money is Insured by our company in case there is any foul play by the trading site. For example, if they are not paying you you’re due dividends or are not returning a deposit that is rightfully yours.

The second safety net we’ve created is an unbiased real evaluation of online trading platforms(trading websites). Due to the staggering amount of these websites, and the overflowing amount of phone calls investors(you) are getting from telemarketers to invest here or there, it’s become an art of its own to differentiate between the real and the rubbish.  We’ve gone through hundreds of sites and have selected only a few that really met our long checklist. So no need for any more leaps of faith.

Before we started providing the only trade insurance on the market, we were successful, experienced financial advisors. Our job has always been steering our clients through the volatile waters of online trading to the safety of carefully selected trading platforms that best suit our customer’s personal profile.

We couldn’t be prouder of how well our site has been accepted and the organic growth it’s experienced since established.
Investment Insurance

The only site that insures all your deposits making you bulletproof to foul play.

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Our team of industry experts will asses your profile and recommend a plan specifically tailored for you.

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